Dual-Channel Dashcam

The JC181 is a compact video telematics device that makes it easy to remotely manage your en-route fleets. It adds visibility to your fleet, along with powerful LTE connectivity and GNSS capability, and can record and store video footage and images on the device. You can watch live video, play back historical footage, and retrieve critical evidence when needed, from anywhere, at any time. By integrating video technologies, it helps ensure the authenticity, timeliness, and reliability of fleet management, making it an appropriate choice for light vehicles.


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multifunctional vehicle tracker

Video Surveillance

Powerful LTE connectivity enables the live monitoring of the vehicle’s interior and exterior via an online platform; while the critical video clips in the device allows for on-demand playback after the fact from anywhere, at any time.

multifunctional vehicle tracker

Dual-Channel Recording

Simultaneously monitor the road ahead and what happens in the cab in real-time through the two on-device lenses, with no peripheral camera needed.

multifunctional vehicle tracker

Built-in GPS Logger

The video recorder can be used as a tracker to locate the vehicle and stamp data such as vehicle speed, coordinates, time, and more on the images or video clips.

multifunctional vehicle tracker

Compact Size

The small form factor allows discreet installation behind the rearview mirror without blocking the driver’s view.

multifunctional vehicle tracker

Remote Vehicle Immobilization

Enable you to cut off the fuel/power to the vehicle moving under 20km/h using Tracksolid Pro, which is useful if your fleet vehicle has been stolen.

multifunctional vehicle tracker

Panic Button for Emergencies

The on-device SOS button allows the driver to call dispatch or summon emergency services immediately.




Infrared Inward-Facing Camera
  • Compatibility: JC261, JC400, and JC450 series
  • FoV: 119° (H), 70° (V), 152° (D)


Dual-Channel Dashcam
  • Dual-Channel Recording
  • Video Surveillance
  • Multiple Alerts


IP67 Blindspot Camera II
  • Compatibility: JC261, JC400, and JC450 series
  • FoV: 111°(H), 60°(V), 130°(D)