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Jimi GPS Tracker has emerged as a beacon of innovation and reliability in the field of tracking and monitoring solutions. Our product has consistently exceeded expectations, providing individuals and businesses with invaluable tools to enhance safety, security, and efficiency. This success is a testament to the dedication, expertise, and unwavering commitment of our entire team. 


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Road Freight

Introducing Jimi GPS Tracker, the ultimate solution for real-time tracking and monitoring. Our advanced technology empowers fleet managers to accurately track the location and status of freight vehicles, ensuring timely deliveries and optimizing logistics operations. With features like geofencing and route optimization, we maximize productivity in load freight transportation. Jimi GPS Tracker makes connection simpler and revolutionizes the way you manage your fleet.

Sea Freight

Jimi GPS Tracker enables shipping companies and maritime authorities to track vessels in real-time, ensuring efficient management of routes, schedules, and cargo. Its geofencing capability enhances security by alerting stakeholders about any unauthorized vessel movements, promoting safe and secure sea freight transportation.

Air Freight

The Jimi GPS Tracker ensures efficient management of air cargo and aircraft by accurately real-time tracking the location and status of shipments, minimizing the risk of delays or losses. Geofencing and route optimization capabilities enhance operational efficiency, increases security, and enables timely and seamless air freight deliveries.

Software Solutions


The Fleet Management Software for GPS Tracking and Video Monitoring

Gain real-time control and visibility over assets with precision tracking and monitoring. With an intuitive interface and customizable reports, make informed decisions effortlessly. Set geofences and receive instant alerts for compliance and security. Analyze detailed data to optimize operations and improve efficiency. TrackSolid Pro prioritizes data security, ensuring confidentiality and integrity. Elevate your tracking capabilities with this powerful platform and unlock a new level of asset management.

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Specialist Logistics Services

Fastest Shipping

The Jimi GPS Tracker empowers logistics services to achieve the fastest shipping times by providing real-time tracking and monitoring of vehicles and shipments. With accurate location information, logistics managers can optimize routes, reduce transit times, and make timely adjustments to ensure efficient delivery. By streamlining operations and minimizing delays, the tracker enhances the overall speed and responsiveness of logistics services.

Truck Selection

Jimi GPS Tracker assists logistics services in making informed decisions regarding truck selection. By monitoring factors such as fuel consumption, engine performance, and maintenance data, the tracker helps identify the most efficient and reliable trucks in the fleet. This data-driven approach optimizes truck selection, reduces operational costs, and ensures that the right vehicles are assigned to the right tasks, enhancing overall efficiency in logistics operations.

Safe Packing

With its real-time monitoring these factors like acceleration, braking, and cornering, the tracker provides insights into driver behavior and identifies areas where safe packing practices can be reinforced. It helps logistics companies train their drivers on safe packing techniques, reducing the risk of accidents, cargo damage, and delays. By prioritizing safe packing, the tracker enhances the safety of both the drivers and the cargo being transported.

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