JimiIoT Inertial Guidance Technology: Positioning Blind Area Scavenger


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Everyone knows about the GPS tracker JimiIoT/Concox with the INS guidance, but what exactly is the INS all about? How does it benefit customers? In real-life scenarios, how can it be applied? These questions will be addressed in this article.


Let me briefly explain satellite positioning before I introduce the inertial navigation system. Satellite positioning has the advantage of global coverage, all-weather accuracy, and accuracy; however, its ability to work in indoor environments, such as underground parking lots or tunnels, as well as under high-rise structures with trees, is easily affected by the surrounding environment. In addition to reduced positioning accuracy, satellite signals may even be lost, and location information may be questioned.

Take the tunnel as an example, under pure satellite positioning, although the tunnel is curved, the displayed location trajectory will still show a straight line connected by the tunnel entry and exit points, with large data errors, which cannot meet the needs of scenarios based on accurate data such as UBI auto insurance, auto finance risk management and fleet management.

Inertial navigation positioning, however, can compensate for this shortcoming of pure satellite positioning, which uses an inertial navigation system to position the vehicle, which is based on Newtonian mechanics, by measuring the acceleration of the vehicle within an inertial reference frame. Despite a reduction or even loss of satellite signal strength, position track data is still more accurate when it is available.

However, separate inertial navigation system is difficult to work independently for a long time due to serious gyroscope drift, vehicle vibration, etc. Separate satellite navigation can also have position drift in complex environments and under stationary conditions.

Jimi UBI inertial navigation modules complement each other’s strengths by combining inertial and satellite navigation systems. The combined navigation system provides more accurate speed and direction information than pure inertial guidance or pure satellite navigation, especially in situations such as garages or tunnels, in addition to providing higher accuracy positioning information for longer periods of time.

Besides, the positioning information output from the combined navigation can suppress drift, making the vehicle positioning more ideal. Moreover, through technology upgrade, Jimi UBI inertial navigation module using pure inertial navigation technology, can also be used to locate the vehicle with high accuracy for a longer period of time alone.

Different from the traditional OBD, through Jimi inertial navigation module, the intelligent terminal does not need to obtain the speed information output from the vehicle’s trip computer, relying on the powerful adaptive ability and super algorithm of the inertial navigation module, it can also output the precise positioning point. In contrast, the intelligent devices that join the module only take power from the OBD port, which will not interfere with the car itself, and the safety and adaptability of the vehicle is higher.

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