Fleet Management and Asset Tracking Solution with Google Maps


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Many enterprises have mobile industries staff that perform business processes away from the office which includes sales, service, maintenance, and delivery scenarios. These workers operate vehicles and are responsible for expensive equipment and products, and let alone to mention important clients and government constituents. Tracking these assets and vehicles to make sure they are being used correctly is not an easy task; it is also difficult for management to continuously monitor field operations to ensure that they are operating at maximum efficiency.

Enterprise fleet and asset tracking software help, however, it is traditionally very complicated and costly due to proprietary hardware, software, and custom implementations. Traditional fleet systems were often deployed on-premise and require specialized hardware, software, and maintenance.

Some of these fleet management applications use traditional Geographic Information Systems (GIS) products to display vehicle and asset locations, which add to the complexity and cost. A number of organizations have invested heavily in fleet management solutions, while others have avoided fleet management completely due to the cost of the entry barrier and the total cost of ownership.

Traditional GIS systems are good for spatial data creation, maintenance, and analysis. While it is possible to do fleet and asset tracking within a GIS system, GIS is typically not designed to handle the larger real-time data streams involved with fleet management. Also, and all too often, fleet and asset tracker system use proprietary GPS tracking equipment that are locked-in to a specific software solution. Organizations have invested heavily in GPS equipment only to find out later that it was specific to one vendor’s software and could not be re-purposed. GPS tracking equipment should not be limited to one software vendor or another.

Asset tracking solutions add tremendous value to organizations, by reducing fuel and maintenance costs, discouraging misuse, and optimizing field operations. This value can be enhanced by leveraging web mapping services and integrating with existing business processes. Organizations should consider a software + services approach to fleet tracking, where web mapping like Google Maps are leveraged, and core tracking data is hosted on-premise for easier integration and maintenance.

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