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Battery powered GPS tracker has fewer requirements on the installation place, so it is more concealed than the tracker connected to car power supply. In general, some users who need hidden GPS tracker would prefer to choose those tracking devices with battery operated.

Battery capacity and characteristics determine the standby time. As we all know, standby time is directly proportional to the battery capacity. Thus, battery capacity can be used roughly as a measure for standby time.

However, not all high-capacity batteries are suitable for positioning. There are many kinds of batteries, some will have self-discharge phenomenon in ordinary use, that is to say, the battery will consume their own power. If the self-discharge of the battery itself is very high, even a large capacity will not be the long standby GPS tracker. One obvious type of battery that can’t be used for extended battery life is the polymer battery pack. Normally, this kind of battery has a high self-discharge rate.

Jimi, as a professional GPS tracker China manufacturer, has our own battery department, mainly supply high-quality, suitable and perfect battery for car GPS tracker. Let’ s have a look at our battery powered GPS tracker.

AT4 Portable Asset GPS Tracker has a high powered 10000mAh/3.7V industrial-grade lithium polymer battery that will last between 1 month – 2.5 years depending on the location reporting interval. Also, Intelligent power management would reduce unnecessary power consumption when the device stays idle. Easily track vehicles, equipment or property with our cloud-based apps. The tracker allows for precise GPS locations from anywhere. Easily track from your web browser, iOS or Android device. Get real-time alerts when the tracker leaves a geographic area (a geofence).
AT4 can be configured to allow for a very long battery life between charges. The chart below provides approximate battery life for several reporting configurations.
The following options and approximate battery life are specified below:
Location report every 1 hour: 2 months
Location report every 2 hours: 1 month
Location report every 1 day: 2.5 years


AT6 3G Asset GPS Tracker is also equipped with 10000mAh/3.7V lithium polymer battery. It is a reliable and real time asset GPS tracker with the 3G cellular network, supporting voice monitoring.
This GPS tracking device battery consumption is as follow:
>2 years( GSM off, one position per day)
>50 days (GPRS always connected, GPS sleep)
>120 hours (GPS always on)


AT1 Asset GPS Tracker has built-in rechargeable 6000mAh/3.7V industrial Li-Polymer battery and intelligent dormancy function. One-time charging lasts nearly 100 hours(upload GPS data every 10 seconds), no need to charge tediously. IP67 waterproof and dustproof makes it perfectly operate in tough environment.
The device’s standby time is estimated as below:
In timing positioning mode: estimated 15 days – 25 days
In under intelligent power saving mode: it depends on the frequency of the customer’s use of the equipment. If it is calculated according to the 3H working hour per day, its GPS tracker battery is expected to be 10 days to 16 days.


Featuring SIM change alarm and voice monitoring, AT2 Mini GPS Tracker is also compact, 65*30.5*18mm and 42g only.
Here comes the battery standby time.
In Tracking mode (GPRS is always connected, and GPS is waked up by vibration):≥14 hours
In sleep mode (GPRS is always connected and GPS sleeps):≥7 days

Not only is battery operated GPS tracker, AT5 is also solar powered. It’s IPX7 waterproof, and equipped with 10000mAh/3.7V lithium polymer battery. In the default working mode, the standby time is up to 1 year. In real time tracking 2 hours per day mode, it can operate 30 days.

When JM-LG01 asset GPS tracker detects that the light is changing from dark to bright in the ultra-long standby mode, the terminal will immediately upload the removal alarm and enter the alarm mode after detecting that it is dismantled. With 2800mAh/3.0V lithium manganese battery insides, the battery GPS tracker works as below:
In sleep mode, it’s working hour is up to 3 years ( one positioning data uploaded per day)
In GPS tracking mode, battery can last 45H when the device is always connected.


AT3 Ultra-long Standby Asset GPS Tracker has an incredible battery life of up to 5 years. This makes it a great tracker for applications where charging a battery frequently is not possible. The GPS tracker battery life will last up to 5 years with one location update per day. The reported frequency is configurable in the tracking app and can be updated when necessary. The tracker is packaged in a sturdy case with a built-in magnet and a tamper alert button that can send you an alert notification if the tracker is removed from its location.
The battery will last up to 5 years at one GPS location per day reporting. The following options and approximate battery life are specified below:
1 location report per day = up to 5 years
2 location reports per day = 2.5 years
3 location reports per day = 1.6 years
4 location reports per day = 1.25 years
Note: AT3 is designed for long-term tracking and only reports it’s location a few times per day. Also, it is not rechargeable.


If you want the most advanced battery powered GPS tracker on the market, look no further than Jimi tracking device.

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