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JimiIoT is moving forward together with market needs, offering you wireless tracking devices with high-capacity batteries and certified casing to enhance value for your customers. This AT1 Versatile Asset GPS Tracker we have released allows us to track a variety of assets and operate in numerous applications, including fleet management, freight operations, and special private needs.


Key features:


  • Multiple Positioning Systems for trackingin real-time with precision performance
  • IP67 Waterproof Casing ensures reliable tracking without fear of rain and snow damage
  • Strong Magnetic Mount allows for effortless installation onto almost any metal surface
  • 6,000mAh Rechargeable Battery allows for long standby time and easy re-deployment


With its certified waterproof design, magnet base and long battery life, the AT1’s tracking possibilities are limitless. Anything the AT1 can fit inside or attach to can be tracked, it’s also small enough to put in someone’s jacket. Keep the device in your fleet vehicle, container or any other package, and you’ll be able to locate your property even in the event of a theft.


For deployments where long standby time and continued optimal performance are key, this device will be an ideal choice. If you have custom needs, don’t hesitate tocontact us at


More information: AT1

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