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Herd location tracking plays an important role in livestock management, and since livestock roams vast lands constantly, herdsmen often find it difficult to check on them using traditional methods. Jimi IoT provides Intelligent Management Solutions for livestock industry. Using the tracking terminal placed around an animal’s neck to collect its information about location, exercise volume, health, etc., and upload them to the cloud server and management platform to create a visual data report, which is convenient for viewing and unified management of all livestock, allowing ranchers, managers and herdsmen to monitor and manage livestock with much ease.



The smart tracker comes with a leather strap that fits easily around the animal’s neck without discomfort. Depending on reporting frequency, the tracker’s low-power internal battery can ensure sufficient standby time on a single charge. Moreover, the device is equipped with multiple positioning systems that provide strong signal acquisition and accurate positioning capabilities, allowing ranchers, managers and herders to track their livestock in any weather condition. This powerful device also collects accurate livestock information and allows managers to see the status of each animal in real time, enabling governments and breeding farms to make informed decisions.

In addition to these features, low battery alert, IP67 dust & water resistance, multiple working modes, compact size and motion detection will make this smart tracking terminal a valuable part of your livestock management strategy.