AI/4G Dashcam Improves the Safety and Efficiency for Car-hailing.


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At present, the car-hailing market is of rapid development. The government mainly controls the market from three directions of platform, vehicle and driver, AI/4G Dashcam and gives further guidance to each region according to the situation. According to report by Analysys, the overall market maintained rapid growth from 2015 to 2018, with an average compound annual growth rate of 50.01%.

As for safety issues, the overall attention of female users has increased by 4% compared with 2016, and up to 70% of female elites believe that safety and reliability are the most important factors during the trip. Since 2018, the proportion of women in the overall active users of private car travel has increased from 37% to 44%. Women’s travel safety has become a key issue that the market cannot avoid, and the ability to monitor and guarantee women’s safety will become one of the most important factors in exploring the market.

How to better protect the safety of passengers and AI/4G Dashcam drivers in the car-hailing business?

AI/4G Dashcam

Based on AI algorithm, JC400 dashcam uses 8.1 Android system + 128GB. The cost-effective driving recorder supports dual-recording, DMS and post-recording, suitable for a variety of commercial scenarios.

The following functions can help passengers and drivers to better protect their safety:
SOS one-click help: SOS is located on the left side of the steering wheel. When an emergency situation occurs during driving and external support is needed, it can quickly call and notify.
External battery: In the event of a serious accident or manual removal of the device, the main circuit power supply is disconnected accordingly. The external battery can be used to supply the device for a period of time, continuously monitoring the vehicle.
Relay: By controlling the relay,  It can remotely cut off the power supply of the vehicle and forced to the vehicle operation.
Alarm: The DMS (driver monitoring system) can identify fatigued driving and distracted driving behaviors such as smoking, answering phone calls and yawning, and provide voice alert, upload alarms and photos.
Automatic upload accident videos: When the driver has a sudden braking, rapid acceleration, sharp cornering, overspeed, or body collision, etc., 10s before and after the accident will be recorded and uploaded to the cloud to maintain the most important accident information, which can trace the entire driving process, inform the platform at the first time, and strive for rescue.

JC400 not only supports DMS fatigue driving analysis and driver behavior analysis, but also enables Beidou + GPS to locate vehicles in real-time, optimizes driving routes through hardware + software, and analyzes fuel consumption data to improve operational efficiency.

Welcome to contact us if you want to learn more about how JC400 AI/4G dashcam improves the safety and efficiency for car-hailing.

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