4G LTE GPS Tracker JM-VL02 Certified with PTCRB


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Jimi IoT, a global leader in manufacturing advanced IoT devices, today announced the launch of JM-VL02 series, the rugged 4G LTE GPS tracker for LPWA requirements.  It has been PCTRB certified.

Jimi IoT is an award-winning GPS tracking device manufacturer and internet of things solutions provider. Our devices are sold through 6000+ channel partners across the world and deployed in more than 150 countries. We will continue to develop the advanced solutions to provide customers with high-quality GPS terminals and commit to moving towards the Internet of Everything.

JM-VL02 4G LTE Cat M1 GPS tracker is suitable for mobile applications with low/medium data rate requirements, such as private vehicle security, public transport dispatch, fleet management, construction machinery monitoring. It provides accurate real-time tracking and driver behavior driving analysis, equips with multiple I / Os, supports multiple sensors and various external devices for different applications, making a scalable vehicle tracking device.

Targeting global IoT markets, the JM-VL02
series is a highly-integrated variant supporting Cat M1, Cat NB2, EGPRS and
integrated GNSS. The JM-VL02 4G tracking terminal complies with 3GPP Release 14
and delivers enhanced capabilities in power consumption, data rates, VoLTE,
GNSS as well as hardware-based security, making it ideal for the next
generation of connected devices.




JM-VL02 feature list:


    • Ignition detection

JM-VL02 relays engine status via ACC wire.

    • Vibration detect

VL02 can send alarm if people enter or
damage your parked car.

    • Immobilization

You can remotely cut off the power to the
vehicle via App/Platform.

PS: For safety reasons, this feature will only
take effect  if/when the vehicle is
traveling less than 20km/h.

    • SOS button

Send an SOS message via the external SOS





    • GEO fence

An alarm is issued when a vehicle enters or
exits a defined area.

    • Path management

Schedule generally the most time-saving and fuel-saving route.

    • Driver behavior monitoring

Alarm for improper driving behavior, such as speeding, harsh acceleration/braking, and lane departure.

  • Fuel consumption management
    Delivers the fuel consumption data, avoid fuel-theft and intentional detour.
  • Temperature monitoring

Monitor the temperature to keep fruits, vegetables and beverage from going bad.



    • About PCTRB


The PCS Type Certification Review Board, also known as the PTCRB, is a certification board established by North American cellular operators to test mobile phones, IoT devices, M2M devices and modules, and similar hardware operating on mobile networks.

It’s important for operators and device manufacturers to ensure their devices are PTCRB-certified, as doing so ensures compliance with cellular network standards.

Without PTCRB certification, device manufacturers won’t be able to interoperate with many North American cellular carriers.

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